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Back to the Future - Time to Reflect, Regroup, Rethink

Coming out of the pandemic, health systems are beginning to look to the future. They are wrestling with new issues that are very different than the pain points that they had two years ago. As they assess where they are now, they must rethink how to utilize their current and future space and take into consideration: new models of work, changes in care delivery, modernization, growth and efficiency. Space - how best to design and use that space- is a top-of-mind topic. As you work with health systems, it’s important to understand their pain points today and what their future gaps might be. 

This webinar offers a unique opportunity to hear from leaders in the healthcare industry who will share their insights on current challenges within health systems and how they are beginning to make decisions in a more data driven way. They’ll share their real-world experiences, memorable stories from their work, case study examples, and most importantly, they’ll help guide attendees towards a path forward and shed light on their view of the future of healthcare. 

This panel is comprised of members of The Center for Health Design Built Environment Network (BEN), a group of executive-level professionals who are dedicated to improving safety, quality, and sustainability in healthcare.