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Sustainable Design: Where We Are and Where We Need to Be

Several years ago, sustainable design was new to the vocabulary of many design firms. As the environment began to suffer and climate change was an increasing issue, many designers turned their focus to sustainability and how they could utilize sustainable design principles for their projects, their clients, and the greater good. Today the design industry has increased its level of awareness through licensure and associations which support sustainable design. Materials, methods, and tools are mechanisms which help to advance impact. As the industry perfects and finetunes systems and processes, it’s not enough as the clock ticks. While we assess where we are, the more important question is where we need to be.
This webinar will explore the state of sustainable design within the design industry as it currently exists and propose critical changes that need to be made for the future. Speakers will present the history of sustainable design and how to incorporate current sustainable design principles across a design practice. They will outline strategic goals and a roadmap for transformational sustainable design changes in healthcare design. In addition, they’ll highlight various projects that exemplify sustainable design, and how these design practices can help get us to where we need to be.