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Bright Days and Dark Nights – An Important New Direction for Senior Living

Light and dark are the strongest signals affecting the human biological clock, a physiological system that affects every part of the body. For seniors especially, the consequences of inappropriate light exposure are poor sleep quality and immune system health. We also know that visual impairment and cognitive decline go hand in hand. The aging eye has additional challenges as the amount of light for vision and health declines, important blue wavelengths get filtered out by the yellowing lens, and glare sensitivity increases.

This dramatically affects the design of facilities for senior living, and individual homes. This webinar will highlight research and design strategies to mitigate challenges to the aging eye and cognition. Presenters will explore how daylight and bright electric lighting is even more important, balanced with very low level, warm lighting at night. Think it’s a good idea to mimic trendy hospitality lighting in senior spaces? Think again. For health and safety, we need to dramatically change our design approach!