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The Future is Now: Integrating Logistics Automation Technologies into Healthcare Facility Planning and Design

Simultaneous and powerful disruptors such as pandemics, energy crises, geopolitical issues, labor challenges, and natural disasters are pushing many planning activities, including healthcare facilities planning, to a tipping point. Owners and planning teams are looking for innovative ways to improve patient and staff safety while reducing costs by improving operational efficiencies. 

As we have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are two major factors that could spread infections: contact with infected humans and contact with infected materials or surfaces. Both of these instances could be mitigated with use of conveyance automation technologies as part of hospital planning and design strategy. The earlier a planning team considers logistics automation options in the planning and consideration process, the more successful it will be. 

This webinar will discuss a variety of decision factors (feasibility, practicality, safety considerations, space requirements, and engineering considerations) for various automation alternatives within different operating healthcare environments, and explore the overall evaluation process including information gathering, user input, and cultural and operational factors. Case studies will present empirical data driving the decision and design process.