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The Changemaker: Looking Back to Move Forward

Over the past 50 years, the evolution of healthcare design has seen dramatic, and often times revolutionary changes that have had profound, positive impacts on how care is delivered and received. These changes have been shepherded by icons of the industry whose leadership has had lasting impact.

This webinar offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear from a titan of the industry—A. Ray Pentecost III and the recipient of 2022 Center for Health Design Changemaker Award—who will share his insights on how healthcare design has evolved, where it is headed, and future of healthcare design.  

In this casual conversation amongst colleagues and friends, Ray will share his real-world experiences and memorable stories from his career including the transition from “design for health care” to “design for health and wellness”, the critical evolution of evidence-based design, and the importance of lifelong learning and bringing your whole person to the table. Most importantly, the conversation will help guide attendees towards a path forward and shed light on their view of the opportunities for the future of healthcare delivery and design.