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The Future of Healthcare Finance: Navigating Headwinds and Certain Turbulence

Over the past decade, the evolution of healthcare economics has seen dramatic, and often revolutionary changes; profoundly impacting how healthcare is funded, delivered and received. These ever-changing economic conditions have a collective influence on the built environment. Key trends, including liquidity, surging costs, the labor crisis, mergers and acquisitions, and the influence of venture capital are predicted to continue impacting healthcare and healthcare design for years to come.

This Voices of the Industry webinar offers a unique opportunity to hear from industry thought leaders who will explain the current state of affairs and the macro trends impacting the industry; helping the audience decipher the financial undercurrents and anticipated headwinds. They’ll also share insights on how healthcare fiscal policy and execution is evolving, its current directions, and offer implications for designers to engage with their clients in creating short- and long-term paths forward.