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Caregiver Well-being in Mental and Behavioral Healthcare Environments

Like nearly every industry, the COVID-19 pandemic brought forward a serious challenge for healthcare providers and the industry as a whole—maintaining adequate staffing. The sharp increase in the volume of patients and the economic ripples that impacted both staff and facilities greatly exacerbated a problem than had been growing even before 2020. This was especially true for mental and behavioral healthcare where staffing shortages were apparent as early as 2016. Similar to the immense burden on general healthcare caused by the rapid explosion of COVID-19, the gradual emergence of a national behavioral health crisis was accelerated by the stress and complications associated with the pandemic.  

Coupled with the historical stigma and challenging nature of the work, staffing for behavioral healthcare is near to becoming a crisis of its own with a lack of care providers and high turnover rates.  This webinar will examine caregiver wellbeing in the context of the challenges and drivers creating this condition, and discuss criteria and design solutions that lead to improved staff satisfaction, easier staff recruitment and retention, and ultimately better patient outcomes.  Case study examples will highlight these challenges and solutions!