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First Look: A New Prototype Model for Mental Health Care

In January 2023, the first build of a prototype for a new behavioral and mental health care model opened in Centralia, Washington. Focused on human-centered design, the core of the new care model provides space and support for patients to rehabilitate and leave them better equipped before re-entering the community.

These innovations emerged from a plan outlined by Washington State Governor Jay Inslee to reform the behavioral and mental health system and provide community-based care in smaller, 16-bed facilities. By doing so, care delivery could be shifted from large institutions and access to care improved. Additional buildings are under construction at the Brockmann Campus in Clark County, Washington. 

Join this webinar’s distinguished, multi-disciplinary team as they share design strategies, the latest developments of the care model, and an early look at how this new model is working. Attendees will identify how this approach may be replicable to advance better mental health care in other arenas.