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Rebuilding Human Performance—The Intersection of Neuroscience and Architecture

The intersecting worlds of science, design, and technology offer new insights on how designers, engineers, and architects can create state-of-the-art healing spaces to advance care that directly responds to the unique needs of patients, their loved ones, and staff.

The tolling physical and emotional journey that rehabilitation patients (and families) experience is laden with shock, depression and anxiety. A key design driver for a leading rehabilitation hospital in the U.S.—Atrium Health’s Carolinas Rehabilitation—was to focus on the powerful and empathetic stories of both the individual patient and the comradery and community of shared experiences that occur within its walls. With this approach in mind, the design and construction teams worked to transform the project beyond a building and into a destination for transformative care that responds to and supports each step of a patient’s journey and the collective community.

This webinar will explore experience design in a new light. Attendees will dive into experience mapping and learn about tools created for planning, design, and construction teams to guide design decision making. Explore a multifaceted approach that layers qualitative and quantitative evidence-based design with color and light theory to create an environment focused on health, hope and healing for all.