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Providing for the Providers – Embracing Design for Staff

Burnout and mass-resignations are plaguing the healthcare industry. As the daily stresses of providing care become more daunting, facilities are faced with finding innovative ways to focus on staff and provide environments that cater to staff well-being. Since the pressures of the job are not getting easier, facilities are focusing attention to staff-spaces. By engaging staff members through design, facilities can receive real time feedback on workplace conditions and respond with effective design strategies to promote a culture of understanding and appreciation.

As designers, we look for opportunities to create safe environments for gathering and recreation that allow staff control over workplace stress and decompression while allowing meaningful respite. Key elements of daylight, integration of nature, amenities, and adaptable solutions provide staff-centric spaces that focus on well-being.  By revisiting room typologies, from a number of case studies, healthcare environments can place an emphasis on the staff member in renovations and new buildings.

This webinar will highlight design solutions on both the departmental and facility scale, and through case study examples, identify key strategies to promote staff-centered design.