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New Strategies for Evaluating Patient Room Design Features Using Mock-ups and Simulations

Mock-ups are standard tools-of-the-trade for designing new patient rooms and other healthcare spaces. But can you squeeze more and better insights from the evaluation process to improve clinician workflow and patient experience?

New strategies, combining physical mock-ups with an evidence-based design process and simulation-based evaluations, can provide design teams with enhanced opportunities to test specific design features at different phases of patient room design.

Hear what happened when two of the industry’s leading healthcare design researchers teamed up with senior leaders in Project Planning and Nursing from Indiana University Health Adult Academic Health Center to take their design decision-making to the next level. 

Evaluating physical mock-ups at four different stages of design refinement; obtaining extensive clinician input through simulated patient care scenarios (e.g. toileting, code and ECMO); and, employing other testing and feedback methodologies, enabled the team to identify design refinements that mock-ups alone might miss.

They’ll share their highly-collaborative design and evaluation process along with the unique patient room design insights they uncovered.