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Revitalizing Parramore: 10 Principles of Healthy Community Design

The Parramore Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan, in Orlando Florida, was adopted by City Council in January 2015, following an 18-month planning and community engagement process.  Since adoption, the City has successfully implemented many recommendations from the plan, including new parks, mixed income housing, community gardens, schools, and social programs, all improving quality of life, health and wellness, for residents and businesses.  The past seven years have also introduced new challenges related to the pandemic and digital equity, as well as new tools to analyze community and population health.

This webinar will tell the story of the Parramore community and its revitalization efforts guided by 10 Healthy Community Design (HCD) Principals and will provide an overview of the community engagement process, community vision, status of project implementation with lessons learned, and new tools available for addressing health and social equity issues. Presenters will offer creative, practical solutions that can preserve, revive, and connect a neighborhood’s health and wellness to the city at large.