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Achieving Whole Health: How Radical Systems Change Can Change Healthcare

That the current healthcare system requires significant change is no secret, and this sentiment is shared by all involved including health systems, stakeholders, care givers, patients, and families. For real, significant improvements in our health system to occur, a new approach will be necessary and a new way of interdisciplinary and inter-industry thinking will be required. The Cornerstone Collaboration has been exploring this new approach and seeks to catalyze and accelerate change by humanizing individual behaviors and societal systems to create an environment for whole health. 

Join the two founders of Cornerstone for a discussion about the current challenges in healthcare and their thoughts for a path forward. They’ll discuss an aspirational model for a new approach, connect how whole health is essential to public health, and share examples of how this model has been applied (and been successful) in various case study settings. See how a systems approach to healthcare is essential to radical and productive change and can usher in a new era of health and wellness.