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Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital, Ft. Belvoir, VA

September 2010
EDAC Advocate Firm Project

HDR architecture

Firm's role on the project:  Planning, Programming, Architecture, Design, Interiors 


EBD Goal 

The facility’s design would include a patient- and family-centered environment, improve the quality and safety of healthcare, enhance care of the whole person by adding contact with nature and positive distractions, and create a positive work environment. The design would also feature maximum standardization and accommodate future flexibility and growth.


The Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital (1.2 million SF) was the first DOD/Military Health System (MHS) project to use evidence-based design (EBD) in a structured manner, as mandated by the DOD in 2007. Additionally, the Defense Health Board mandated that all MHS facilities be built as world-class facilities, although the term had yet to be defined. The first MHS EBD checklist was developed to assist the design team in understanding and tracking each element. The main challenge was that the square footage and budgets for DOD/MHS projects were already set and some of the EBD or sustainable elements were not included, planned or budgeted.


Because HDR had strong champions who understood the importance of all of these features, the team was able to educate the remaining team members, providing credible research to those looking to value-engineer products or designs. The team prevailed and was able to provide most of the elements of a world-class, healing environment based on EBD and sustainable concepts. In addition, when complete, the project will be LEED Silver and may possibly achieve LEED Gold.