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Guggenheim Pavilion Medical Intensive Care Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital

June 2020
Member Project

Unicel architectural






Project Mission And Vision

Unicel provided Vision Control sliding doors for Mount Sinai's renovation and upgrade of inpatient units, including intensive care spaces for cardiac patients. This included plans for 14 private rooms and a mandate to enhance both patient environments and provide more accessible and efficient nursing care. A key architectural element was to add sliding doors, because they operate easily and automatically. However, they also move incessantly, especially in ICUs where critical patients require constant care from nursing stations. Because of this, it was essential for these doors to maintain desired positioning at all times, without causing additional noise that could hinder patient recovery.


To address this, architects selected Unicel’s Vision Control integrated louvers designed and sized specifically for sliding doors. Perfectly suited for healthcare environments, Vision Control is a patented, hermetically sealed glass unit with operable louvers that can be customized for virtually any sliding door application. Its advanced technology eliminates strings, ensures alignment, optimizes hygiene and requires no maintenance. Vision Control delivers the perfectly aligned louvers that ensure the uniformity and precision required for consistent blade positioning regardless of activity, and the Vision Control knob operator is designed to allow adjacent doors to interact seamlessly, noiselessly and without obstruction.


Following the work's completion, the Guggenheim Pavilion Cardiovascular ICU is now a more efficient, patient-forward care unit. Open and accessible nursing stations balance the need for a private team center so that visitors can check in with their loved ones' clinicians and care teams can have private consultation spaces when discussing patient treatment. The new sliding doors ensure easy and noiseless access to patient spaces, while also ensuring adjustable visibility for privacy and discreet monitoring.

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