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Holyoke Medical Center

July 2023
Member Project


Unicel Architectural



The 34-bed Holyoke Center for Behavioral Health at Holyoke Medical Center, which opened in early 2021, offers inpatient and outpatient services along with hybrid programs for adults with mental health and substance abuse issues. Because of our extensive expertise and experience meeting the unique requirements of behavioral health applications, Unicel Architectural was contracted to furnish nearly 70 window units on two different floors



To furnish nearly 70 window units suitable for a behavioral health facility on two different floors.


The client's challenge was finding glazing suitable for a behavioral health center that could also provide ample natural light and precision temperature, daylight, privacy, and sound control.



Unicel Architectural supplied its award-winning, AAMA 501.8 certified Vision Control for Behavioral Health. These louvered insulating glass units (IGUs) provide both patient and staff safety – and well-being – through several advanced features:

- American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 501.8 performance testing certification for resistance to human impacts (2,000 ft-lbs), to protect against violent force and shattering
- Comfort and natural light along with precision temperature, daylight, privacy, and sound control through advanced hollow-chambered louvers
- Ligature-resistant louver operators for patient safety
- A Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating on par with concrete block walls
- Hermetic seal for minimal cleaning and maximum hygiene
- LEED-compliant daylight and thermal efficiencies


Key Findings, Measurable Results &/or Next Steps

Through Vision Control for Behavioral Health, Holyoke’s Center for Behavioral Health has helped mitigate the potential for harm among both patients and staff, while optimizing the healing effects of natural light and sound attenuation.


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