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Infection Control and Prevention: Design for Safer and Healthier Environments - Day 1

April 2022

The Workshop 


Infection control and prevention has been a critical consideration in the design and construction of the healthcare-built environment for decades and given what we have experienced throughout the Covid pandemic, it remains a top priority. Implementing some of the latest best practices in the physical healthcare environment can help to minimize their impact—and help to produce the best outcomes for patients, families and staff.

This intensive and interactive workshop will explore new and evolving approaches to infection control through new design innovations, clinical methods, technologies, and protocols. Attendees will participate in an interactive forum lead by industry experts including infection preventionists, environmental services leaders, facility managers, industry partners, and design specialists and will explore the importance of integrating the available options to continually improve outcomes and mitigate the risk of infection. 




Welcome, Opening Remarks & Introductions

Shari Solomon, Esq., Industrial Hygienist & President, CleanHealth Environmental, LLC

Opening Keynote Presentation

Komal K. Jain, Executive Director, Center for Biocide Chemistries


Reducing the Risk of Healthcare Associated Infections from Waterborne Pathogens During Construction Activities

Molly M. Scanlon, PhD, FAIA, FACHA, Director of Standards, Compliance and Research, Phigenics

Buildings, Occupant Health, and Antibacterial Resistance

Stephanie H. Taylor MD, M Arch, CIC, FRSPH(UK), ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, Epidemic Task Force, Environmental Health  Committee, Harvard Medical School InciteHealth Fellow

Quantitative Techniques for the Prevention of Healthcare-Associated Infections

Marietta Squire, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Civil and Systems Engineering


Toolbox Topics

Infection Control and Prevention: Design for Safer and Healthier Environments - Day 1

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