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Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

September 2011
EDAC Advocate Firm Project
Kasian Architecture


Firm's role on the project:  Planning, Programming, Architecture, Design, Interiors 

EBD Goal

To become a landmark facility for the delivery of outpatient services in Canada and a model of best practice and clinical integration for current and future residents of Surrey, British Columbia. To create an elder-friendly facility catering to the needs of Surrey’s growing multicultural community.


Designed to LEED Gold standards, this centre incorporates both Lean and Evidence-Based Design (EBD) strategies. Completed three months ahead of schedule within the overall construction budget, this building is an innovative and effective example of a P3 Project (Public-Private Partnership) that created a flexible and adaptable centre that can expand over time.


The centre offers over 50 different specialized health clinics and programs inside one building and new services that are not currently available in the Fraser Health Authority. It is equipped with over 100 exam and treatment rooms, 10 procedural rooms and six operating rooms. EBD strategies included are:
Tranquil Environments- The walls, ceilings and floors within the outpatient centre are specifically designed to absorb noise. Soothing ‘sky ceilings’ in the CT and MRI rooms give patients a sense of control over their environment.
Natural Light and Access to Nature - Post operative patients placed in rooms with abundant sunlight and adequate ventilation report less pain. Southerly orientation allows daylight to flood the public interior spaces.
Simplified & Consistent Layouts - Simplified circulation routes and visual cues facilitate intuitive way finding. The use of words or letters on signage is kept to a minimum and every floor has its own distinctive color palette to help patients and visitors find their way. The main reception area is visible from anywhere on the site, even from the parking lot. Express check-in kiosks are located throughout the building. Alternative language options are available.
Functional model for future growth -The layout of the site and modular design permits open-ended expansion for population growth and corresponding increase in average life expectancy.
Effective Infection Control- Traffic flows are segregated, based on the separation of patient, staff and material circulation routes with separate elevators for staff and patients.
The Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre established a new direction in health care delivery for Canada, one that is more patient-centered with increased emphasis on prevention and education. The centre was awarded the 2011 Commercial Building Award for Excellence.