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Kaiser Permanente Caton Hill Medical Center

June 2023
Member Project
Gathering Space at Grand Staircase


Distinctive Art Source



Caton Hill Medical Center brings state-of-the-art, single-facility comprehensive care to Northern Virginia. This new facility highlights Kaiser Permanente’s uniquely integrated health system by offering a full range of primary care, advanced specialty care, and convenient services under one roof.



To select and place artwork in a manner that enhanced design directives and further connected viewers to the site through artful interpretations of local specific nature.


The Caton Hill Medical Center serves as a bridge to wellness for the Woodbridge, Virginia community. It was imperative that selected multi-media artwork continue the nature and community-focused design direction while reflecting Kaiser Permanente’s art preferences, including educational art and works by local/diverse artists.


Open interiors provide spaces filled with natural light, offering clear sight lines to preserved woodlands, gardens, and green roofs. Two and three-dimensional art provides patients with additional views and connections to nature as textural and dimensional art greets visitors in public areas. A total of 220 large-scale macro photographs on DIRTT wall panels provide a sense of discovery while adding large-scale positive distractions, texture, warmth, and color to clinical spaces.

Key Findings, Measurable Results, and/or Next Steps

Modular clinic pods and prefabricated building components including structural frame connections, unitized building enclosures, and interior demountable partitions work together to maximize planning, design, and construction efficiency while providing large-scale art opportunities in clinic corridors and exams.



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