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Massachusetts General Hospital

October 2023
Member Project
Emergency Department at MGH


Skyline Design


Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), renowned for its world-class patient care, undertook a forward-thinking expansion project. With a focus on sustainability, the new Lunder Building brings nature indoors through eco-friendly glass designs.



Situated in bustling Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital aimed to expand sustainably and harness the healing power of nature within its new Lunder Building. This project aimed to address the hospital's growing community while achieving LEED-CI Gold certification, emphasizing both environmental consciousness and the integration of natural elements indoors.



The pursuit of LEED-CI Gold certification added an extra layer of complexity, requiring innovative solutions that align with environmental goals.



The solution for Massachusetts General Hospital's expansion project is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and sustainable innovations. Skyline's Eco-etch® process, applied to Sateen™ glass patterns, brings an abundance of natural light into the Lunder Building while maintaining essential privacy. Digital printing and Vitracolor® techniques create soothing tree patterns and floral motifs, fostering a serene atmosphere in waiting areas. This approach elevates the patient experience, aligns with sustainability goals through LEED-CI Gold certification, and underscores the practicality of glass in healthcare design.


Key Findings, Measurable Results &/or Next Steps

The Lunder Building, which opened in 2011, not only provides ample space to address clinical, physical, and emotional healing requirements but also prioritizes sustainability. This quiet and peaceful environment ensures patient privacy and fosters a healing ambiance while incorporating eco-friendly features to reduce its environmental footprint.

Architecture & Design Firms

NBBJ New York
Cheviot / Karas & Karas


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