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Northwest Community Hospital, Arlington Heights, IL

September 2010
EDAC Advocate Firm Project
Cannon Design



Firm's role on the project:  Planning, Programming, Architecture, Design, Interiors 



EBD Goal 

The project established four guiding principles: Design for adaptability to enable flexibility of use over time; Incorporate safety initiatives identified in available research; Create standardization of processes, supplies and design to develop a safer environment and increase the value of the facility; Develop archetypes or prototypes for all components including design elements, patient rooms and overall units.


To demonstrate the true benefit of a given design approach. Based upon available evidence, hospital administration charged the team with demonstrating value in their solutions. Staff had difficulty envisioning change within their workspaces, and many had not experienced working in other facilities so it was challenging to show how the space would function by using plans and elevations.


Through a series of mock-up and simulation modeling, the team developed prototypes to be used for all inpatient units.


Increased Press Ganey scores of 14.5% for “willingness to recommend” and increased recruitment of OB/GYN physicians. Operational improvements from decentralized medication distribution to the bedside, patient safety standardization, inventory cost control for non-chargeable items and a 50% increase in square footage with no increase in the number of FTEs.
Balconies have approximately 270 visits/month/floor and provide a place for the pilot horticultural therapy program. Elimination of double-door access to patient rooms yielded a net savings of $400,000. Analysis of flooring products resulted in 15-year lower life-cycle costs. Private rooms increased occupancy from 64% to 86%.