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St. Luke’s Hospital at The Vintage, Willowbrook, TX

September 2012
EDAC Advocate Firm Project
Earl Swensson Associates, Inc.


Firm's role on the project:  Planning, Programming, Architecture, Design, Interiors 


EBD Goal

To set a new standard and image of healthcare delivery, using EBD to achieve positive patient outcomes within the expanding hospital system.  The owner’s goal was to incorporate operational efficiencies with advanced technologies, a connection to the scenic outdoors, and the usage of elements and materials to project warmth.


Being a new start-up hospital, the initial planning was conducted with surrogate users, as the hospital staff had not yet been hired. After the employees were brought in, close collaboration between the architect and these permanent users identified concerns and influenced changes to best achieve the goals and needs for the hospital and patients and staff.


The hospital’s design embraces EBD principles throughout.  Some of the principles include:

Family Accommodations:  Comfortable sleep/ waiting areas, nourishment, and retail amenities.

Way-finding and Signage:  Distinct access points, parking, and key information points.

Access to Natural Light:  Large windows in public spaces, patient rooms, and clinical areas.

Infection Control: Private patient rooms, conveniently located hand washing stations, easy-to-clean finishes with anti-microbial properties.

Patient Safety:  Decentralized support areas on units, visibility by staff from corridor, handrails from headwalls to baths, appropriate lighting levels, and 5'6" wide patient room door openings.

Noise Reduction:  Walls are extended full height to the support ceiling and high-performance sound-absorbing ceiling tiles are utilized.

Healing Environment:  Wooded setting and walking trail around a lake, plants, natural materials, two-story water wall in the lobby, children's play area, Wi-Fi connection throughout, bridging of patient care units and minimized duplication of services. 

Staff Efficiency:  Work areas designed with lean principles to improve workflow, spaces available for team interaction, decentralized work areas, and integration of systems.

Flexibility and Adaptability:  Flexible and expandable departments to adapt to changes and advances in technology and medical treatment.