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Knowledge Repository

An Investigation To Determine Whether the Built Environment Affects Patient's Medical Outcomes

Author(s): Rubin, H.R.M.D., Ph.D., Owens, A.J., Golden, G., Weber, D.O.

Multiple Occupancy Versus Private Rooms on Dementia Care Units

Author(s): Morgan, D.G., Stewart, N.J.

Randomized trial of a patient-centered hospital unit

Author(s): Martin, D.P., Diehr, P., Conrad, D.A., Davis, J.H., Leickly, R., Perrin, E.B.

Making changes to improve the intensive care unit experience for patients and their families

Author(s): Jastremski, C.A., Harvey, M.

Thermal adaptation in the built environment: a literature review

Author(s): Brager, G., de Dear, R.

Chronically ill children coping with repeated hospitalizations: their perceptions and suggested interventions

Author(s): Boyd, J., Hunsberger, M.

Noise pollution in intensive-care units reduced by simple measures

Author(s): Bonn, D.

Environmental impact of the NICU on developmental outcomes

Author(s): Blackburn, S.

A new look for tomorrow's health facilities

Author(s): Beale, C.

Interventions to reduce decibel levels on patient care units

Author(s): Moore, M.M., Nguyen, D, Nolan, S.P., Robinson, S.P., Ryals,B., Imbrie, J.Z., Sotnitz, W.