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Knowledge Repository

Behavior of cough droplets emitted from Covid-19 patient in hospital isolation room with different ventilation configurations

Author(s): Dao, H. T., Kim, K.-S.
Added August 2022

Beyond co-location: Visual connections of staff workstations and staff communication in primary care clinics

Author(s): Lim, L., Kanfer, R., Stroebel, R. J., Zimring, C. M.
Added August 2022

Cross-cultural design and healthcare waiting rooms for indigenous people in regional Australia

Author(s): O’Rourke, T., Nash, D., Haynes, M., Burgess, M., Memmott, P.
Added August 2022

Droplet aerosols transportation and deposition for three respiratory behaviors in a typical negative pressure isolation ward

Author(s): Wang, Y., Liu, Z., Liu, H., Wu, M., He, J., Cao, G.
Added June 2022

COVID-19 in long-term care facilities: A rapid review of infection correlates and impacts on mental health and behaviors

Author(s): Yang, H., Rigsby, M., Zhu, X., Lee, C., Ory, M.
Added April 2022

Mapping Healthcare Spaces: A Systematic Scoping Review of Spatial and Behavioral Observation Methods

Author(s): Lipson-Smith, R., McLaughlan, R.
Added April 2022

Unlimited surrounding: A scoping review on the impact of the built environment on health, behavior, and quality of life of individuals with intellectual disabilities in long-term care

Author(s): Roos, J., Koppen, G., Vollmer, T. C., Van Schijndel-Speet, M., Dijkxhoorn, Y.
Added March 2022

Small-scale living environments' impact on positive behaviors and quality of life for residents with dementia

Author(s): Brennan, S., Doan, T.
Added February 2022

Patient and clinician engagement with health information in the primary care waiting room: A mixed methods case study

Author(s): Penry Williams, C., Elliott, K., Gall, J., Woodward-Kron, R.
Health literacy (i.e., the ability to understand medical information) is a big part of how people make decisions about their health. The availability of health information in waiting rooms has the potential to provide education to people who may not otherwise have access.
Key Point Summary
Added February 2022

Impact of distance on stroke inpatients’ mobility in rehabilitation clinics: a shadowing study

Author(s): Kevdzija, M., Marquardt, G.
Failure to rehabilitate after experiencing a stroke frequently results in a patient’s admission to long-term care. There is a need to understand how size and spatial configuration of rehabilitation settings can support wayfinding and help patients overcome mobility barriers.
Key Point Summary
Added December 2021