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Knowledge Repository

Control measure implications of COVID-19 infection in healthcare facilities reconsidered from human physiological and engineering aspects

Author(s): Yang, Y.-F., Lin, Y.-J., You, S.-H., Lu, T.-H., Chen, C.-Y., Wang, W.-M., Liao, C.-M.
Added December 2022

Contamination of personal protective equipment and environmental surfaces in Fangcang shelter hospitals

Author(s): Yao, Y., Cui, Y., Gao, X., Qian, Y., Hu, B.
Added November 2022

The effect of 100% single-occupancy rooms on acquisition of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacterales and intra-hospital patient transfers: a prospective before-and-after study

Author(s): van der Schoor, A. S., Severin, J. A., van der Weg, A. S., Strepis, N., Klaassen, C. H. W., van den Akker, J. P., Bruno, M. J., Hendriks, J. M., Vos, M. C., Voor in ’t holt, A. F.
Added August 2022

The effectiveness of the anteroom (vestibule) area on hospital infection control and health staff safety: A systematic review

Author(s): Andalib, E., Faghani, M., Zia Ziabari, S. M., Shenagari, M., Salehiniya, H., Keivanlou, M. H., Rafat, Z.
Added August 2022

Healthcare worker safety program in a COVID-19 alternate care site: The Javits New York Medical Station experience

Author(s): Thompson, C. N., Mugford, C., Merriman, J. R., Chen, M. A., Hutter, J. D., Maruna, T. J., Bacon, W. R., Childs, R. W., Pati, R., Clifton, G. T., Pazdan, R. M.
Added July 2022

Developing and implementing an infection prevention and control program for a COVID-19 alternative care site in Philadelphia, PA

Author(s): Tadavarthy, S. N., Finnegan, K., Bernatowicz, G., Lowe, E., Coffin, S. E., Manning, M.
Added July 2022

Comparison of ventilation strategies in intensive care units for airborne infection control

Author(s): Erdogan, A. A., Yilmazoglu, M. Z.
Added July 2022

COVID-19 in long-term care: The built environment impact on infection control

Author(s): Benbow, W.
Added June 2022

Infection prevention and control practices of non-medical individuals in a neonatal intensive care unit: A Donabedian approach

Author(s): Theron, M., Botma, Y., Heyns, T.
Added June 2022

Reducing the risk of healthcare associated infections from Legionella and other waterborne pathogens using a Water Management for Construction (WMC) Infection control Risk Assessment (ICRA) Tool

Author(s): Scanlon, M. M., Gordon, J. L., Tonozzi, A. A., Griffin, S. C.
Added May 2022