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Knowledge Repository

Patients' perceptions of hospital cleanliness are correlated with rates of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia

Author(s): Edgcumbe, D. P.

An exploratory study into the factors that influence patients' perceptions of cleanliness in an acute NHS trust hospital

Author(s): Whitehead, H., May, D., Agahi, H.

Clinical. The impact of environmental cleanliness on infection rates

Author(s): Patel, S.

Enhancing the assessment of tangible service quality through the creation of a cleanliness measurement scale

Author(s): Barber, N., Scarcelli, J. M.

Finding a benchmark for monitoring hospital cleanliness

Author(s): Mulvey, D., Redding, P., Robertson, C., Woodall, C., Kingsmore, P., Bedwell, D., Dancer, S. J.

The sickening rug: A repeating static pattern that leads to motion-sickness like symptoms

Author(s): Bonato, F., Bubka, A., Graveline, V.
Flooring is a prominent component of hospital design, with surprisingly little research on the subject. An issue that has not been researched is the impact of patterns on health and perception related issues. This paper undertakes a simulated exercise on the impact of viewing specific patterns on motion-sickness like symptons. Although there is some research on the impact of visual patterns on epilepsy patients, the effect on people without neurological disorders has not been explored.
Key Point Summary

Healthcare providers' perception of design factors related to physical environments in hospitals

Author(s): Mourshed, M., Zhao, Y.
Most aspects of the physical environment having an impact on staff outcome are determined during early design stages of a building’s lifecycle. Subsequent modifications at later stages are expensive and sometimes difficult to achieve due to the multidisciplinary nature of design decision making.
Key Point Summary

Cleanliness audit of clinical surfaces and equipment: who cleans what?

Author(s): Anderson, R.E., Young, V., Stewart, M., Robertson, C., Dancer, S. J.

Patient's Perceived Satisfaction on Cleanliness in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Author(s): Kumar, S, Tomar, S.

Link between patients' perceptions of their acute care hospital experience and institutions' injurious fall rates

Author(s): Tzeng, H. M., Hu, H. M., Yin, C. Y., Johnson, D.