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A complete, user-friendly database of healthcare design research references MoreLess about the Knowledge Repository

The Knowledge Repository is a complete, user-friendly database of healthcare design research references that continues to grow with the latest peer-reviewed publications. Start with our Knowledge Repository for all of your searches for articles and research citations on healthcare design topics. Access full texts through the source link, read key point summaries, or watch slidecasts. Expand your search and find project briefs, interviews, and other relevant resources by visiting our Insights & Solutions page.


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Why we buy: The science of shopping

Author(s): Underhill, P.
Added October 2012

Low-energy building design guidelines: energy-efficient design for new federal facilities

Author(s): Zachman, W., Carlisle, N.
Added October 2012

Inquiry by design: Environment/behavior/neuroscience in architecture, interiors, landscape, and planning (Rev. ed)

Author(s): Zeisel, J.
Added October 2012

The vertical horopter and the angle of view.

Author(s): Ankrum, D.R., Hansen, E.E., Nemeth, K.J.
Added October 2012

Chapter 7: Health care facilities

Author(s): ASHRAE, A.S.o.H., Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers
Added October 2012

Physical environment

Author(s): Dix, R.
Added October 2012

Users' evaluative responses to spatio-physical humanization: the case of hospital environments

Author(s): Fornara, F.
Added October 2012

Healthcare in the new millennium: The convergence of the medical, spa, and hospitality industries

Author(s): Gronvold, J.
Added October 2012

Work and Workspace Design to Prevent and Mitigate Errors

Author(s): Institute of Medicine
Added October 2012

Transforming care in children's hospitals through environmental design: Literature Review

Author(s): Joseph, A., Keller, A., Kronick, K.
Added October 2012

Environmental interventions and functional ability of AD patients.

Author(s): Koss, E., Gilmore, G.C.
Added October 2012

Environmental factors in the control room

Author(s): Nicholl, A.
Added October 2012

Environmental psychophysiology

Author(s): Parsons, R., Hartig, T.
Added October 2012

Facilities and equipment

Author(s): Public Health Agency of Canada
Added October 2012

IV: Physical Ergonomics

Author(s): Reiling, J., Chernos, S., Alvarado, C.J., Hignett, S., Nelson, A., Baptiste, A.S., Matz, M., Fragala, G., Buß, B., Friesdorf, W.
Added October 2012

Effects of gardens on health outcomes: theory and research

Author(s): Ulrich, R.
Added October 2012

Research on building design and patient outcomes

Author(s): Ulrich, R.S.
Added October 2012

Healing arts: Nutrition for the soul

Author(s): Ulrich, R.S., Gilpin, L.
Added October 2012

Stressful medical events: A survey of patients' perceptions

Author(s): Van der Ploeg, H.M.
Added October 2012

Assessing the Adaptive Capacity of Hospital Facilities to Cope with Climate-related Extreme Weather Events: A Risk Management Approach

Author(s): Carthey, J., Chandra, V., Loosemore, M.
Added October 2012