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A complete, user-friendly database of healthcare design research references MoreLess about the Knowledge Repository

The Knowledge Repository is a complete, user-friendly database of healthcare design research references that continues to grow with the latest peer-reviewed publications. Start with our Knowledge Repository for all of your searches for articles and research citations on healthcare design topics. Access full texts through the source link, read key point summaries, or watch slidecasts. Expand your search and find project briefs, interviews, and other relevant resources by visiting our Insights & Solutions page.


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Cannon Design: Integrating Evidence Based Design in Architectural Practice: Issues and Challenges

Author(s): Watkins, N.
Added October 2012

Cultural transformation and design

Author(s): Hamilton, D.K., & Orr, R.D
Added October 2012

From cancer patient to cancer survivor: Lost in transition: An American Society of Clinical Oncology and Institute of Medicine Symposium

Author(s): Hewitt, M.A., Ganz, P.A.
Added October 2012

Handbook of control room design and ergonomics: A perspective for the future

Author(s): Ivergård, T., Hunt, B.
Added October 2012

Bridging the gap: How scientists can make a difference

Author(s): Kuo, F.
Added October 2012

Behavior-relevant ecological factors

Author(s): Lawton, M.P.
Added October 2012

Improving healthcare with better building design

Author(s): Marberry, S.O.
Added October 2012

Handbook of mixed methods in social & behavioral research.

Author(s): Tashakkori, A., Teddlie, C.
Added October 2012

Postoccupancy evaluation: Issues and implementation

Author(s): Zimring, C.
Added October 2012

The hospital built environment: What role might funders of health services play?

Author(s): AHRQ
Added October 2012

In search of efficiency: Facilities launch broad initiatives to fight soaring fuel costs

Author(s): Carpenter, D.
Added October 2012

Impact of acoustics on staff and patients in CCU

Author(s): Cole, J., Blomkvist, V., Ulrich, R.S.
Added October 2012

Healing by the Warmth of the Sun: Garden Reveals First View of New Hospital Complex

Author(s): Epstein, E.
Added October 2012

A Brief History of the Root Cause Analysis

Author(s): Grace, H.
Added October 2012

A sustainable future is promised by Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh

Author(s): Hawkins, B.L.
Added October 2012

Alberta Children's Hospital

Author(s): Logan, K.
Added October 2012

Using evidence-based environmental design to enhance safety and quality.

Author(s): Sadler, B., Joseph, A., Keller, A., Rostenberg, B.
Added October 2012

Learn the top 3 patient safety concepts influencing hospital design

Author(s): Schneider, J.
Added October 2012

Health care at the crossroads: Guiding Principles for the development of the hospital of the future

Author(s): The Joint Commission
Added October 2012

Reconfiguring clinical teamwork for safety and effectiveness

Author(s): Uhlig, P.
Added October 2012