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Not-To-Miss Sessions at

With 3,200+ industry professionals at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference, it's the ultimate networking, education, and product-sourcing event. See the newest products from 250+ exhibitors and learn about the latest research, trends, and strategies from both peers and experts. Leave with new connections, new ideas for current and future projects, as well as CEUs. Learn more about attending or exhibiting in HCD and join us November 2-5, 2019 in New Orleans, LA.

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Kick off your Healthcare Design Expo & Conference experience with an exclusive pre-conference session on Saturday that explores the practical application of evidence-based design into your projects, and then get prepared for the EDAC Exam with a comprehensive study session taught by industry experts.  

W01: Coaching Workshop: Practical Application of Evidence-based Design
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Attend this unique in-depth workshop where you will be matched with an industry expert who will be your coach for the day. Have you wondered what evidence-based design (EBD) is and would like to incorporate this process into your practice or on your next project? If so, this interactive session will provide you with an introduction to the steps of the EBD process and offer practical guidance to get you started. You will receive individualized coaching tailored to your specific questions and issues. Don’t miss this opportunity to be in the same room with many industry icons and experts, e.g. Kirk Hamilton, Mardelle Shepley, Jane Rhode, Julie Kent, Cyndi McCullough, Alberto Salvatore, and many more who will be available as coaches for the day.  Click here to see a complete list of coaches

First time I've seen this at the conference but it was the most beneficial/important part of my experience.

The workshop is a blend of educational content and collaborative discussion that will prepare you to be a better client or partner by giving you the information and tools to address some of the challenges facing healthcare today. Once you register for this workshop, The Center for Health Design will contact you to complete a questionnaire prior to attending the session. This information will be used to match you with a coach and other colleagues. In addition, each attendee will receive a bundle of EBD books and resources from The Center for Health Design ($250 retail value). Registration is $395/person with a 20 percent discount for EDAC Champion and Advocate firms. Space is limited to 40 participants on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants are also invited to attend the EDAC Examination Prep Workshop, which follows this session, for no additional fee. A light breakfast and lunch will also be provided. 
W07: EDAC Exam Prep Session
3:30–5:30 PM

Join EDAC experts for a comprehensive study session to help prepare you to take the EDAC exam. This session provides general information about the exam and the types of questions on the exam, as well as an overview of the five domains included in the exam content outline from which the questions are derived. Speaker presentations will provide a detailed review of content from the three study guides and a summary of key concepts. Sample questions will be reviewed with time for questions. Register to take the exam at the conference and you'll receive a discount on exam fees and a risk-free offer for one “retake” of the exam. Registration is $70/person.
Click here to learn more about registration and the faculty here.
E08: Telemedicine: Where We Are and Why the Built Environment Matters
9:30-10:30 a.m.

  • Ellen Taylor, PhD, AIA, MBA, EDAC, Vice President for Research, The Center for Health Design
  • Douglas S. Erickson, FASHE, CHFM, HFDP, CHC, CEO, Facility Guidelines Institute

The design of spaces used for telemedicine communications should strive to maintain the level of safety, privacy, quality of care, and patient experience that would be expected for that same communication when it takes place in person. The FGI Health Guidelines Revision Committee (HGRC) took a proactive approach in the 2018 Guidelines for Design and Construction. The Guidelines now provide several minimum requirements for telemedicine spaces and offer more extensive recommendations supported by research and best design practice. This session will cover the definitions and content in the new section of the Guidelines, along with the research and practice-based evidence to support these design approaches.
E22: Research Matters: 10 Picks for the Year
1:45 - 2:45 p.m

  • Melissa Piatkowski, MS, EDAC, Research Associate, The Center for Health Design
  • Addie Abushousheh, PhD, Assoc. AIA, EDAC, Research Associate, The Center for Health Design
  • Alan J. Card, PhD, MPH, Research Associate, The Center for Health Design
  • Ellen Taylor, PhD, AIA, MBA, EDAC, Vice President for Research, The Center for Health Design

To apply evidence-based design, you have to know what the best available evidence is. But design research is published faster than anyone can read it. How can researchers and design practitioners keep up with the most important work? In this rapid-fire session, experts from The Center for Health Design will present their version of visual abstracts for the top 10 design research articles of the past year. They’ll discuss what we’ve learned and what we still need to know, and help participants ride the waves in an ocean of evidence without drowning in it. But more: They will provide a shared body of knowledge for the health design community to apply to their designs.

K03: Changemaker/Lifetime Achievement Award Keynote Presentation
8:00 - 9:30 am

Two special awards will be given at this year’s Healthcare Design Expo & Conference. The Changemaker Award will be presented to David Allison, FAIA, FACHA, alumni distinguished professor and director graduate studies in Architecture + Health at Clemson University. The Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Clare Cooper Marcus, professor emerita, departments of architecture and landscape architecture at the University of California at Berkeley and principal of Healing Landscapes. Learn more here.

I09: New Research and New Results: Go Behind the Scenes
9:45 - 10:45 a.m.

  • Kathryn Peditto, EDAC, PhD Candidate, Human Behavior and Design, Cornell University, Department of Design and Environmental Analysis
  • Deborah Wingler, PhD, MDS-HHE, EDAC, Research Assistant Professor, Clemson University
  • Ellen Taylor, PhD, AIA, MBA, EDAC, Vice President for Research, The Center for Health Design

Be the person who can tell others about the research before it’s published! Through the New Investigator Award, The Center for Health Design is giving you an opportunity to get the scoop on new healthcare design research from one of the next-generation investigators in our field. You’ll gain a deeper insight on how the built environment can improve health-related quality of life for adolescents and young adults with cancer. A brief overview of the study will set the stage for the interactive discussion, which will use a combination interview and participant Q&A to dig deep into the research results.
A20 - EDAC Examination
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Take the EDAC exam at the HCD Expo & Conference to take advantage of a 10 percent discount plus a risk-free offer: You can retake the exam one additional time at no charge if you don’t pass. The exam session is limited to 60 seats, with only a number of spots available for walk-in candidates. Select this session to reserve your seat for the exam with your conference registration AND:

  • Complete registration with the testing administrator Scantron , formerly Castle Worldwide, (www.castleworldwide.com/edac); use code HCD19 to receive the 10 percent discount (total charge for exam with discount is $355.50).
  • Once you receive the "Notice to Schedule" for your exam (within three business days), you will need to select the “Schedule at Testing Center” option and then select the “New Orleans Convention Center” location on Nov. 4 at 11:00 a.m. You will receive confirmation notice 21 days prior or 3 days prior (if scheduling closer to the exam day)
  • Exam registration AND scheduling through Scantron must be completed at least 4 days prior to the exam date (by Oct. 31). A $50 walk-in fee will apply to candidates who do not complete the application and schedule the exam through Scantron by the Oct 31 deadline.

*Those who don't pass will be allowed to retake the exam again at a later date at no charge. Candidates must wait 60 days after taking the exam before they can retest. The retake exam must be completed within one year from the registration date.

A25 - State of the Science: A Review of Notable Studies Published in HERD
1:00 - 2:00 PM

This presentation provides an information-rich retrospective review of studies published in HERD, the Health Environments Research & Design Journal, during the past 10 years. The HERD journal has become the premier source for peer-reviewed research on health environments and reaches an international audience of researchers, clinicians, and design practitioners. Session participants will expand their knowledge about the current state of the science of healthcare design. Health related environmental science has been emerging over the past decade, and there are currently enough published studies to develop systematic literature reviews to guide healthcare design decision-making and the development of design guidelines.
A23 - The Owners Perspective: Key Insights impacting the Future of Healthcare Design and Construction 
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Every year, members of the Built Environment Network (BEN) travel across the country to learn about innovative solutions and best practices in the industry. With an ongoing focus on improving efficiency, productivity, and quality in healthcare design and construction, owners are shifting their paradigm and looking for new solutions. Come and learn how they are moving to simulated and modular design and use of more prefabricated products and components during construction. New ways to breakdown silos and the need to make collaborative design decisions earlier in the process, along with the increased use of technology will be necessary to enable this change within the industry. Attend this session to gain their perspective and how they plan to implement these changes within their own organizations. Come with your questions and engage in a dialogue during this interactive session. 

About the Built Environment Network:
BEN, established by The Center for Health Design in 2011, is a network of executive-level professionals who are dedicated to improving safety, quality, and sustainability in healthcare. BEN members participate in collegial discussions to help them guide the direction and future of the built environment within their own organizations and the industry. Learn more about how to join this collaborative network, by contacting Donna Deckard at 925-521-9404.

  • Steve Carbery, BE, MBA, Vice President Facilities,, Design, Construction & Real Estate, Yale New Haven Health System
  • Mike LaMont, PE, SE, MBA, Vice President, Facilities Management, Rush University Medical Center
  • Don Orndoff, Senior Vice President, Kaiser Permanente National Facility Services
  • Walter Jones, AIA, LEED, EDAC, Senior Vice President, Campus Transformation, MetroHealth System
  • Nathanael Price, CAPT, CECK USN, Chief, Facilities Enterprise, Defense Health Agency
  • Will Lichtig, Executive Vice President, Performance and Innovation Resources, Boldt
  • Walt Vernon, PE, LEED AP, EDAC, FASHE, CEO, Mazzetti
  • Doug Erickson, FASHE, CHFM, HFDP, CHC, CEO, Facility Guidelines Institute