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Laguna Honda Hospital & Rehabilitation Center

EBD Features
Evidence Based Design Features
Alcohol based hand rub dispensers
Artwork of nature settings
Building orientation to maximize patient access to sunlight
Ceiling mounted lifts
Flexibility for family/ patient lighting control
Furniture arrangements/ waiting spaces that encourage social interaction
Gardens accessible to staff, patient, visitors
HEPA filters
High visible hand wash sinks
Integrated way-finding (pre-arrival, maps, architectural/ visual cues and signs)
Large patient room windows with views to nature
Noiseless paging systems
Patient rooms with designated zones for clinicians, patients, and families
Segregation of airflow direction
Single bed rooms
Staff support areas with natural light
Surfaces and finishes to reduce contamination
Surfaces and finishes to reduce falls
Surfaces and finishes to reduce noise
Wide/ double bathroom doors in patient rooms
Healing environment that is nurturing, therapeutic, and reduces stress
Research Project
Primary Research Foci

Primary environmental feature:  Activity Stations

Primary anticipated outcome: The higher the rate of residents’ engagement, the better overall quality of life our residents will experience

Other Anticipated Outcomes
Public Benefit
Resident Engagement
Research Design
Controlled Observation
Basic Before/After Comparisons
Research Question
#1 - What is the quantity and range of residents’ activities and engagement in the old and new campus? #2 - What are the patterns of use of the various “activity stations” on campus? #3 - What is staff, residents and families/visitors’ level of satisfaction with the campus activities and related environments?
Other Features Considered For Study
Quality of Life Study
Research Steps
Indentify methods for conducting the study
Determine the types of data to be collected
Define the tools to be used
Create an analysis plan
Produce a timeline for conduction the study
Identify composition of the research team
Develop a budget for the study
Features Considered For Study
Healing environment that is nurturing, therapeutic, and reduces stress
Research Tools
Time and Motion Methodologies
Interview and/or Surveys
Environmental Assessments (POEs)
Qualitative Ethnographic Methodologies
Observational/Shadowing Techniques
Anticipated Outcomes
Anticipated Outcomes
Improve Patient Satisfaction