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Access to Nature for Older Adults (Set of 3)

Access to Nature for Older Adults (Set of 3)
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Publisher: The Texas A&M University Center for Health Systems & Design

Funded by: The National Institute on Aging, a division of the NIH

ASLA 2010 Professional Awards Winner

This fast-paced and lively set of three half-hour videos includes dramatic images, professional narration, and a rich variety of site photos, 3-D animations, diagrams, sketches, and interviews with senior residents and world-renowned experts on this multidisciplinary topic.

Whether you are a care provider, policy-maker, educator, designer, or consumer advocate, you will learn more about how outdoor access can improve senior health in residential settings, and how to apply these concepts in real-world conditions.

DVD1: "The Value of Nature for Older Adults" (28 minutes)

This video demonstrates the importance of people, policies, and programs that support outdoor usage. Experts in environmental psychology, design, and gerontology identify key issues in planning outdoor space for seniors, and how experiencing nature may benefit health and improve quality of life.

DVD2: "Improving Outdoor Access for Older Adults" (31 minutes)
How the Building influences outdoor usage

Whether you are planning a new community or remodeling an existing one, this video illustrates a variety of ways the building layout can encourage residents to go outdoors. Case studies, sketches, and models show how to make strong indoor-outdoor connections, remove 'invisible' barriers, and create successful transition zones.

DVD 3: "Safe and Usable Outdoor Spaces for Older Adults" (34 minutes)
How to plan and design the outdoor elements

By using the right elements, outdoor spaces that were previously underutilized can now become more inviting, functional, and well-used. Case studies, 3D animated examples, diagrams and sketches show how to transform existing areas by emphasizing features that appeal to residents, while supporting their need for autonomy and independence.

This educational resource also includes:

  • Online Interactive exercises
  • Research references
  • In-depth readings on dementia
  • Outdoor evaluation tool
  • Continuing education credit