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EDAC Advocate Firm

EDAC Advocate Firm
Price: $500.00

By becoming an Advocate Firm, your organization supports evidence-based design (EBD) and the EDAC program. Your support will challenge others to step up to the plate and become EDAC certified.  The EDAC Advocate Firms partner with The Center for Health Design (CHD) to promote EBD and the significance of research in healthcare design.

What is an EDAC Advocate Firm?
An EDAC Advocate firm is an organization that dedicates 25% or more of its healthcare team to take and pass the EDAC exam within a one year period. We expect you to maintain that level of commitment as attrition occurs.

Visit the EDAC website at https://www.healthdesign.org/certification-outreach/edac/partners/advocate-firms to view the current Advocate Firms.