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Through design research, education, and advocacy, we’re leading the way in transforming hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, doctor’s offices, and residential care facilities for a safer, healthier tomorrow.
How to Use the Functional Program to Ensure Project Goals Are Preserved Through All Construction Phases
 “This workshop was done very well. I enjoyed the fact that the presenters would cycle around the groups and interject information at key points. They would also just sit and spitball ideas with us!Enjoyed the visionary presentations that were... more
New POE Tool Provides Accurate Comparison of Key Healthcare Goals with Performance Ratings
May 11, 2015
Concord, CA – Through a grant funded by the American Society of Interior Designers Foundation, The Center for Health Design has created a standard evidence-based design toolkit that interior designers can use for applying research to healthcare... more
The Center for Health Design: Advancing Best Practices in Healthcare Facility Planning and Design