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Pediatric Settings Strategic Design Workshop

When: September 16, 2020
Time: 8:00am Pacific
What: Agenda
Price: $295

Workshop hours:
8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET -
1:30 PM PT / 4:30 PM ET

4.5 CEUs

To become an event
sponsor/partner, contact
Randy Carter, rcarter@healthdesign.org
(541) 965-1922


Join us for this virtual interactive, collaborative, problem-solving workshop intended to enable project stakeholders (designers, facility executives, administrators, care providers) to employ physical design strategies and methodologies that support improved care for children. Representatives from internationally acclaimed children’s hospitals will share insights into the latest developments and future direction for pediatric care.

The esteemed faculty will present pediatric evidence-based design studies and best practices that integrate architecture, design and technology with innovative medical practice to create high-quality, high-tech care in a safe and enriching environment. Attendees will also share questions and ideas with the owners and faculty through interactive panel discussions. Multiple attendees from the same organization registering at the same time receive an additional 10% off.


Learning Objectives

  • Articulate the latest trends and best practices in pediatric care and how the built environment enables that care.
  • Understand the results of a research study in pediatric critical spaces and their implications for design interventions for improved care in those spaces.
  • Consider the unique care needs of adolescents and young adults in pediatric settings and design strategies and interventions support care for this group of patients.
  • Hear about case studies of state-of-the-art facilities and determine how best practices from those initiatives can be applied to other pediatric healthcare settings.


Presenting Faculty

September 16, 2020

8:00 AM/ 11:00 AM
Welcome Opening Remarks & Introductions

Ellen Taylor, Ph.D., AIA, MBA, EDAC
Vice President for Research
The Center for Health Design




8:05 AM PT / 11:05 PM ET
Opening Keynote Presentation
State of the Practice: Challenges and Strategies for Now and Into the Future 

Natalie Hagerty, AIA, LEED AP, EDAC, SSGBC
Senior Director, Facilities & Design
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia





8:35 AM PT/ 11:35 AM ET
Owners Panel

Attendees will hear first-hand from representatives from leading US pediatric facilities and obtain key insights into current trends and best practices in pediatric care. Understand the key drivers they experience and challenges they face including the financial impact of the COVID pandemic, strategies to reposition for the short and long term, and positioning for telemedicine. Hear real world examples about what is currently working in the field, what opportunities exist, and how design of the built environment can address them

Michael Browning  
VP, Facility Planning, Design, & Construction & Real Estate 
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC)




Jill S.M. Pearsall, RA, NCARB
Senior Vice President, Facilities Planning & Development and Real Estate Services
Texas Children’s Hospital



Sue Ellen Donahoe
Director of Facility Planning 
Boston Children’s Hospital




9:20 AM PT/12:20 PM ET
Virtual Breakout Discussions with Owners Panel Members

In smaller, virtual breakout groups, attendees will have the opportunity to visit with owner panelists to pose specific questions and discuss relevant issues that arise.

9:50 AM PT/ 12:50 PM ET
West Coast Coffee Break/East Coast Lunch Break

10:20 AM PT/1:20 PM ET
Virtual Facility Tours

Take a quick video tour of several leading pediatric institutions and see first-hand where innovation is happening.

11:00 AM P/ 2:00 PM ET
Research/Case Study Panel

Join a body of leading researchers and experts to hear highlights and outcomes of research studies in a variety of pediatric settings including pediatric critical care, adolescent and young adult environments, induction rooms and a variety of case studies. Hear their insights into what the research is showing, the implications for design, and the next steps for further studies. Obtain themes and connections through an interactive panel discussion.

Deborah Wingler, PhD., MSD-HHE, EDAC
Health Research Lead 



Kati Peditto, PhD, EDAC
Assistant Professor - Human Factors, Dept. of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership 
U.S. Air Force Academy




Jennifer Aliber, AIA, FACHA, LEED AP
Shepley Bulfinch



Don McKahan, AIA, FACHA
McKahan Planning Group



Kiran B. Hebbar, MD, FCCM
Medical Director, Children’s Simulation Center
Professor of Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine




Nora Coleman, MD
Assistant Professor, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta





11:45 AM PT/ 2:45 PM ET 
West Coast Lunch/East Coast Snack


12:15 PM PT/ 3:15 PM ET
Virtual Breakout Discussions with Panelists

In smaller, virtual breakout groups, attendees will have the opportunity to further discuss various research initiatives and explore their implications for design and innovation of care processes and settings.


12:45 PM PT/3:45 PM ET
Breakout Discussion Report Back

Hear about what each breakout group discussed and major themes and key insights that emerged from each conversation.


1:15 PM PT/4:15 ET
Concluding Panel Discussion

Wrap up the day with this panel that will identify overall themes, observations and next steps.


1:30 PM PT/4:30 PM ET