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Affiliate Member Connections Call

When: September 14, 2022
Time: 11:00am Pacific
Price: Members Only - Free


This Affiliate member call speakers will be presenting "Grow With Us - Empowering Kids of all Abilities Through a Multi-Disciplinary Approach in an Unconventional Environment."


For additional information about this event, please contact Jill Glaser at jglaser@healthdesign.org.

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Grow With Us - Empowering Kids of all Abilities Through a Multi-Disciplinary Approach in an Unconventional Environment


Join us for a panel discussion with LifeLab Kids Foundation and DesignTeam Plus, Inc. to hear about creation of the Interactive Therapy Garden and Unlimited Play Park. DesignTeam Plus set out to develop a thoughtfully designed garden and universal play park to evoke the sensory experience for all children as they work with their therapists. LifeLab Kids serves children between the ages of 18 months and 20 years with developmental delays, Autism, Down Syndrome, as well as other medical and physical disorders.

The goal of the project was to create a space to support the integration of physical, mental, and behavioral therapies while helping children discover and explore their unique potential through a blend of therapeutic activities, and innovative technologies. This integrated approach helps the child and reduces stress and anxiety for the child and the family.

Participants will learn the following:

  1. How to design an Interactive Therapy Garden and Universal Play Park.
  2. Needs of a Sensory Garden and Universally Designed Play Park.
  3. How to set up an environment for empowering users, in a non-traditional setting.


Presenting Faculty

Shari Stein
Owner & Principal Interior Designer
DesignTeam Plus

With more than 30 years of experience, Shari enjoys collaborating with her dedicated team of architects and designers. Together they are involved in all aspects of projects which Shari believes is key to the firm’s success. Shari also served as an adjunct professor at Lawrence Technological University and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others continues to be vital to keeping her connected to the community. The Great Lakes Women's Business Council awarded Shari the Women's Business Enterprise Michigan Role Model/Mentor of the Year for 2020 for her leadership and mentoring of young professionals, particularly female entrepreneurs, and for her willingness to share her passion and excitement with those around her, including leading several Detroit-area pro bono projects.


Harold Remlinger, AIA
DesignTeam Plus

Harold Remlinger holds a Master of Architecture from Lawrence Technological University and lectures widely on planning, sustainability, and renewable energy solutions, drawing upon his extensive relationships with municipalities and other government entities to move projects forward. “The more I work in communities, the more I see conscious design as an ethical mandate,” that informs his approach to each project as well as the materials sourced, he says. Harold is an active member of the AIA, Detroit USGBC, and is a past Advising Architect of the Village of Warren Historic Commission. 


Jai Reddy
LifeLab Kids Foundation

With over 20 years of IT leadership experience in the for-profit space, Jai leveraged his passion and commitment to his autistic son to start a non-profit organization that met the needs of not only his family, but others like his. LifeLab Kids is dedicated to empowering youth of all abilities through innovative and therapeutic programs. Jai wanted to create a space that housed multiple disciplines with a focus on fitness and mental health. LifeLab Kids recently celebrated its 3 year anniversary, with the opening of its 2nd location in Macomb County. Jai’s experience has taught him to go to work each day and make it productive, to be a team player and to be proactive towards your goals. “Everything else will fall into place.”


Natalie Rink
Head of Marketing and Development
LifeLab Kids Foundation

With over 15 years of marketing, branding and communication experience in the restaurant and automotive sectors, Natalie brings a real passion for inspiring others and a contagious outlook on life. As a parent of autistic children, her desire is to bring awareness to neurodiversity as well as increase the opportunities for all youth to learn, play, and grow together. Her experience has taught her to the make the most out of any situation and that you are always stronger than you believe.