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Webinar: On The Way to Inclusivity: Drawing Towards Racial Equity in Healthcare Architecture & Design

When: May 11, 2023
Time: 10:00am Pacific
Price: FREE

1 unit EDAC continuing education
1 unit AIA continuing education
IDCEC credit also available**

CEU forms available for download during webinar



The healthcare design process provides opportunities to improve performance across many metrics. Increasingly, those metrics include better health outcomes among underserved demographic groups. Community involvement with representation from these underserved populations is frequently employed to identify disparities, inequalities and needs.

However, while representation matters, real substantive participation matters more.

As designers, we need to reach beyond the traditional models for diversified contributions and seek out broader coalitions. By looking to new social constructs and borrowing social frameworks from other disciplines, we can embrace exciting, promising and effective new directions.

This webinar will address how we all can influence inclusive healthcare environments that serve everyone. By first advancing our own understanding of the issues of inclusive architecture, we can more effectively help all stakeholders set, reach and exceed goals for meeting the needs of patients and families that traditionally do not have their healthcare needs met.



Learning Objectives

  • Identify key health disparities based on race and ethnicity.
  • Describe major causes of race-based health and healthcare disparities.
  • Explore how the design process can address social determinants of health by expanding the design ingroup and building a framework of trust.
  • Analyze case studies of recently built healthcare projects to identify successes and
    challenges in improving environments for health equity.


Presenting Faculty

Nsenga Bansfield-Maathey, AIA, Healthcare Designer, HOK

Nsenga is a healthcare architect and master planner in New York with over twenty years of experience working on many of the region’s leading health systems. Her national work has provided a broader view of trends and best practices in the design, planning and execution of a range of healthcare projects.

She has presented extensively, volunteered at schools and colleges, written papers and articles, and mentored young architecture professionals, particularly women of color. The focus of her professional work is the optimization of the built environment to address healthcare inequities in the urban context.