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WEBINAR | Coming to a Store Near You: Improving Community Health Access through Adaptive Reuse

When: June 13, 2024
Time: 10:00am Pacific
Where: United States
Price: FREE

1 unit EDAC continuing education
1 unit AIA continuing education
IDCEC credit also available**

CEU forms available for download during webinar


The post-pandemic influx of vacant retail and commercial space is providing a generational opportunity for communities and care providers to acquire and re-purpose large, well-located, existing structures to serve the healthcare needs of surrounding communities. 

It’s also an opportunity for well-prepared healthcare designers to flex their creative muscles in new, exciting and profitable ways.

This story of the adaptive reuse of a beloved Sears store in Austin, Texas to meet the public health needs of a growing and underserved community provides a wealth of insights and lessons learned to help design, construction and provider organizations considering or planning similar conversions.

Presenters will share the unique design considerations, time and budget expectations, and challenges faced with converting a multi-level retail big box to healthcare business occupancy which houses community clinics – for example, what’s required to place patient spaces, especially imaging, into the basement – along the way to creating a supportive, essential healthcare hub.


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Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate the unique design considerations for a successful adaptive reuse healthcare project.
  • Understand the impact of code changes from mercantile use to healthcare business use.
  • Identify the reasonable design, time and budget expectations in planning for an adaptive reuse design project. 
  • Understand how to maximize revenue-generating space within an existing space grid. 


Presenting Faculty


Sarah Luna, HealthCare Planner and Architect, BSA LifeStructures

With a passion for helping clients realize and reach their goals, Sarah Lunah finds unique solutions to design problems. With 10 years of experience in architecture in different aspects of project delivery, she is a well-rounded planner with knowledge of construction and project management, which enables her to serve all clients with optimal outcomes.


Tara Kalati, Project Manager and Architect, BSA LifeStructures

As a licensed architect, Tara Kalati brings forth a rich tapestry of expertise cultivated over a decade. Her professional journey has been dedicated to crafting innovative and impactful designs, showcasing a commitment to enhancing the lives of end users. She possesses a comprehensive understanding of architectural principles and a keen eye for detail, resulting in environments that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Her portfolio reflects a diverse range of projects, each characterized by thoughtful solutions that respond to the unique needs of the occupants. Through a fusion of creativity and technical proficiency, Tara continues to contribute to the transformative power of architectural design.