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Debra Harris, PhD

Associate Professor
College of Health and Human Science at Baylor University and a Fellow of the Center for Health Systems & Design at Texas A&M University

Dr. Debra Harris is a researcher, product developer, and designer. She is an Associate Professor at Baylor University's College of Health and Human Science and a Fellow at Texas A&M University's Center for Health Systems & Design. Her Environmental Forensics and Material Science Laboratory is a resource for environmental material testing and specimen preparation for product life-span, durability, simulation, and performance tests. Current and recent research, applied and bench science, involves biological material contamination and surface material influence on the spread of healthcare and community associated infections; and chemical contamination of turnouts, apparatus, and facilities increasing risk of cancer in firefighters. Her body of work is focused on factors affecting user experience and outcomes, especially related to health, productivity, safety, and cost implications of the physical environment.