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Donna Deckard, BSN, MPA, EDAC

Director of Strategic Projects
The Center for Health Design

Donna Deckard, a consultant to The Center for Health Design, directs the continual development and growth of the Evidence-based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC) program. Her strategic oversight and industry experience helped propel EDAC to become widely accepted by top architectural firms throughout the country, and worldwide. She also directs and facilitates the Built Environment Network program.  Donna has more than three decades of healthcare leadership experience, including executive roles with Kaiser Permanente (KP). She was a key leader on the team responsible for one of the largest and most complex installations of software in the industry and co-authored the chapter on "implementation" in the book “Connected for Health.”

Today, Donna is joined by three members of The Center for Health Design’s Built Environment Network, a collegial network of executives and industry leaders who participate in strategic discussions to help set the direction for the future of the built environment.