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Jon Sanford, M.Arch

Professor of Industrial Design
College of Design, Georgia Tech

Jon Sanford, M. Arch, is a Professor of Industrial Design the Director of the Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access in the College of Design at Georgia Tech where he is the Director of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Successful Aging with Disability (RERC TechSAge), a 5-year grant from the DHHS Administration for Community Living. Mr. Sanford is one of the few architecturally-trained researchers engaged in design for aging and is internationally-recognized for his expertise in universal design, accessible design and aging in place.  He has over 300 scholarly presentations and publications and is the author of the book: “Design for the Ages: Universal Design as a Rehabilitation Strategy”. He is a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America, has served on the boards of the American Society on Aging and the Center for Aging Services Technologies and recently served on an expert panel on Assistive Technology for the National Academy of Medicine.