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Keith Novenski

Healing Spaces Specialist
Indigenous Pact PBC, Inc.

Keith Novenski is an expert in creating Healing Spaces – particularly those that provide access to care and services for anyone in need, without restrictions or expectations. In fact, creating accessible and intentional spaces is what drives Keith every day; he gleans joy by drawing on his background that incorporates project management, Human-Centered Design, and thinking through a Blue Ocean Strategy (the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost to open a new market space and create new demand).

Keith’s passion and enthusiasm for space design is contagious, and clients and team members alike often respond with excitement and hope about creating spaces that heal: “As the exchange of design continues, the momentum builds and fills me with joy as we empower our clients to bring beauty, health, and healing to their communities.”

Beginning his day walking in nature helps Keith connect himself to the space around him, which subsequently allows him to connect with Indigenous Pact team members, vendors, and clients more mindfully and effectively. Keith has spent 20 years within the healthcare system – leading new business development, working through obstacles, problem solving, and implementing innovative solutions.

Over his career, he has developed faithful relationships with vendors – further enhancing the developmental work our clients need. Keith’s background in building, construction, and design as well as his certification in Peaceful Leadership & Nonviolent Communication ground his expertise in planning, developing, and implementing tight deadlines and strict budgets. This proficiency is most evident in Keith’s contribution to Indigenous Pact’s flagship healing space: We Care Daily Clinics for the Muckleshoot Tribe of Washington.

Keith explains that he was motivated to join the Indigenous Pact team when he heard founder and CEO, Kurt Berkus, speak of his dream to impact lives positively and to bring revenue into Tribal Nations with a focus on improving health outcomes for Native Americans and Alaska Natives. Keith’s success is – in part – a product of his ability to cultivate wisdom (knowing when to speak and when to listen with intention) and to honor diverse cultures with reverence.