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Marie Martin, Ph.D

Industrial Hygienist (Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Facility Coordinator) 
VA North Texas Health Care System

Marie Martin has a PhD in Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences from the University of Washington. She was hired into the VA North Texas Health Care System as an industrial hygienist in 2008 and almost immediately became the safe patient handling and mobility (SPHM) facility coordinator because of her background in ergonomics. She has been devoted to SPHM ever since. She has been involved with the VA national SPHM program since 2013 and led it for a year and a half between program managers. She has led teams that revised their algorithms, design criteria, and SPHM Guidebook and participated in groups addressing the needs of individual situations including therapy, mental health, bariatric, emergency, and individuals of size. She was honored to be included in the 2019 revision of the Facilities Guidelines Institute white paper on Patient Handling and Mobility Assessments.