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Naomi J Miller, FIES, FIALD, LC

Senior Scientist
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Naomi Miller straddles the line between design and engineering at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Portland, OR. Called a “Senior Scientist,” she uses her decades of experience in architectural lighting design in Upstate New York and San Francisco to educate clients, customers, and practitioners and help nudge the SSL industry toward better, more practical solutions. Researching and reporting on lighting quality issues such as visual comfort, flicker, and light distribution with respect to SSL products, she is the tedious voice of experience. By bridging the gap between technology and application, she can promote the wise use of LEDs, working with industry to overcome the hurdles and celebrate the opportunities. 

She has many years of experience working in different facets of the lighting industry, but still finds lighting to be an intriguing stew of economics, human factors, and physics; an essential element of productivity and comfort; and a visual delight. She recently served on the Illuminating Engineering Society’s Board of Directors and is both a Fellow of the IES and the IALD.