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Suzanne Kiely

Project Manager
UCLA Health, Planning Design and Construction and Real Estate

Suzanne is a Project Manager with UCLA Health, Planning Design and Construction and Real Estate.

With almost two decades of experience working for a leading academic medical center, she is the liaison between design and construction project team members and hospital stakeholders for the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Replacement Hospital project and new behavioral health campus in mid-city of Los Angeles.

She was a member of the UCLA Health transition team for the large and complex hospital construction project of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, involved with fit-up, commissioning, licensing and re-location activities. She has also managed many off-campus real estate and tenant improvement projects for UCLA Health. 

True to roots in transition planning, Suzanne’s skills and experience are at the nexus of creating new spaces and operational implementation. She works directly with hospital administration, facilities, IT, logistics, general services, safety, security, quality and, not least, the caregivers and clinicians across many modalities in both inpatient and outpatient settings who serve patients, families and community and educate the next generation of caregivers.

As a project manager she works to identify key stakeholders, address needs of a large and diverse organization, foster teamwork, leverage institutional knowledge toward better solutions, identify resources, balance priorities and support leadership in critical decision-making and change management.