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Comprehensive Test Methods for Products in Behavioral Health Environments at the Design in Mental Health Network

July 2019

DIMHN, has a simple goal—to make mental health environments better for patient recovery and safer for staff.  The Network has spent the past 5 years developing a series of testing methods specifically for the challenges behavioral health patients present.
This webinar will discuss some of the common challenges witnessed and used to develop the testing methods – with a focus on ligature performance and robustness.  Hear about their learnings about doors and windows which feature so highly with sentinel events that they needed their own category of testing.   Review key areas of risk within mental health environments and lessons learned about managing risk in reality.
DIMHN’s ultimate goal with the development of the testing guidance is for better product decisions that will help create better recovery environments for patients and staff to work in. They hope this test regime will facilitate existing and new suppliers to the sector innovate in a more focused manner, creating more suitable products. 
There will be learning points and takeaways from this discussion that help your current assessment of products and a view for how these testing methods could be translated in other countries, if needed in the future.