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D3—The Intersection of Diagnosis, Dignity and Design for Behavioral and Mental Health Communities in Crisis

April 2023

This webinar highlights guidance on community crisis center planning, design, and construction to ensure maximum dignity and accurate diagnosis for individuals served within a safe and restorative environment of care. Presenters will share a care model that fills a gap in design recommendations for a standalone community crisis response that lies somewhere between intensive outpatient and acute hospital settings. Direct guidance from SAMHSA prioritizes that “every person gets the right response, in the right place, every time” therefore it is imperative that we amend the recommended guidelines put forth by regulatory bodies to include community-based crisis diversion, stabilization and treatment centers.

In 2015, there were 3 crisis centers nationwide. As of 2019, there were 15 crisis centers, and today, with federal recovery funding becoming available to counties and communities, the number of resources and facilities are growing exponentially toward this community- based service line.

This presentation will establish a basic design framework with service definition, share research findings, provide an update the 988-crisis hotline responsiveness of our communities, provide suggestions for regulatory responsiveness, and share several case studies.