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Swiftstop Anti-Barricade Doorset with Full-Door Ligature Alarm by Safehinge Primera

June 2023
Product / Project Innovation Highlights

70% of inpatient suicides occur by hanging.
53% of deaths involve a door.

Time can make the difference between saving and losing a life in a behavioral setting. If a patient barricades their door, staff have a short window of time to access the room and prevent the individual from harm. Unfortunately, many doorsets in behavioral environments don’t provide emergency access, so staff may be unable to open the door to help a patient in time.

We’re dedicated to preventing patient suicides and have worked closely with healthcare professionals and patients to design our Anti-Barricade Doorset with Full-Door Ligature Alarm.

Our Full-Door Ligature Alarm turns the entire door into a weighing scale. A wireless suicide detection system alerts clinical staff if a vertical load of over 11 pounds is applied anywhere on the door. Once staff are alerted to the incident, our Anti-Barricade Doorset provides emergency access in just two seconds. 

Please click on purple bar above to learn more about Safehinge Primera's Swiftstop Anti-Barricade Doorset with Full-Door Ligature Alarm or visit their website at https://www.safehingeprimera.com/en-us/

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