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Insights & Solutions

EBD Journal Club
May 2023 EBD Journal Club

Taylor, A. Murakami, M., Kim, S., Chu R., Riek, L.D.  Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction. Vol. 6, Issue CSCW2, Article No.: 442pp 1–40. https://doi.org/10.1145/3555543.

EBD Journal Club
July 2022 EBD Journal Club

Madson, M., Goodwin, K. (2021). Health Environments Research & Design Journal. DOI: 10.1177/1937586721994593

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May 2021 Webinar

This webinar highlights the University of Michigan Medical Center’s journey to address this challenge. In 2012, their hospital and ED leadership hypothesized that creating a dedicated unit in the ED for the provision of extended critical care would help meet some of these challenges, which in turn may improve care delivery and patient outcomes. Pre-determined guiding principles were carefully followed throughout the design and build phases. From start to finish, the project utilized key lean facilities design principles including the use of full-scale mock-ups. This led to a finished build that was completed ahead of schedule, under budget and with no significant change orders.  


EBD Journal Club
May 2017 EBD Journal Club

Pati, D., Pati, S., & Harvey Jr, T. E. (2016). Security implications of physical design attributes in the emergency department. HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal, 9(4), 50-63.

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August 2017 Interview

Learn about: Ellis Medicine’s struggle to service a higher ED volume after two local hospitals closed their doors; why the new ED was initially unable to meet the high patient demand; and how a transitional unit, a split-flow model, and other strategic design choices ultimately helped improve ED throughput.

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April 2017 Tool

This tool provides healthcare designers and professionals with ED throughput principles/goals and how environmental, operational, and people measures can be implemented to achieve said goal. Download the tool by clicking the purple bar above.

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Lessons Learned
April 2017 Lessons Learned

The following are compiled from research literature, case studies, interviews, and other materials to provide an overview on the topic of emergency department throughput.  

April 2017 Blog

The best hospital design plans are only as good as the processes and systems they support. What this means when it comes to patient throughput is that a well-thought-out built environment needs to have well-functioning services and policies in place to ensure that things run in a truly optimal way. One way to do this is to include the “right” people in your efforts from the very beginning onward.

April 2017 Blog

What message does your Emergency Department (ED) send to patients who step through the doors? If it isn’t a comprehensively welcoming one, you could be increasing patient and family stress levels before they’ve even begun assessment or treatment. As overcrowding in EDs and awareness of the consequences grows within the healthcare industry, it’s crucial to begin taking steps to improve your care environment for staff and patients.

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Project Brief
April 2017 Project Brief

Learn about: methods to minimize patient wait times and maximize use of hospital space, guiding principles implemented in a Seattle children’s hospital to improve patient and provider communication, and how architects, healthcare providers, and families can collaborate to design a patient-centered emergency department.