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Insights & Solutions

    EBD Journal Club
    February 2022 EBD Journal Club
    Joshi, R., Joseph, A., Ossmann, M., Taaffe, K., Pirrallo, R., Allison, D., Perino, L.C. (2021). Health Environments Research & Design Journal. DOI: 10.1177/19375867211001379.
    January 2022 Webinar
    In this casual conversation amongst colleagues and friends, these thought leaders will share their real-world experiences, memorable stories from their careers and most importantly, they’ll help guide attendees towards a path forward and shed light on their view of the opportunities for the future of healthcare delivery and design. 
    EDAC Advocate Firm Project
    January 2022 EDAC Advocate Firm Project
    ARCH Design's objective was to support an enhanced patient experience by developing a localized artwork program representing the region's culturally diverse population, creating comfort and connection through relevant and familiar imagery. Evidence-based design guided the artwork selections by focusing on how it would impact both patients and caregivers.
    EDAC Advocate Firm Project
    January 2022 EDAC Advocate Firm Project
    There were key goals addressed to guide the design excellence parameters: to promote recovery and transition; to foster connection and connectivity with people and their surroundings; to create a healing environment; to enhance the staff and patient experience; to enhance co-mingling (of staff, patients, visitors and community); and to reduce stigma.  
    EDAC Advocate Firm Project
    January 2022 EDAC Advocate Firm Project
    Located within a large senior living community, the following goals of the outpatient facility were tantamount: Reduce patient falls Reduce patient stress Increase patient satisfaction Increase staff satisfaction
    Member Project
    January 2022 Member Project

    Contemporary Women’s Care is an all-female OB/GYN practice dedicated to the total health care needs of women living in the greater Orlando, Florida, area. One of the few truly independent OB/GYN practices left in the greater Orlando area, the team at Contemporary Women’s Care is passionate about preserving the relationships between patients and their providers.  When the Director of Contemporary Women's Care, Dr. Pam Snook,  saw the Paladin rail products in action at the hospitals she decided to incorporate our philosophy of “…..if it’s on a wall it’s on a rail” throughout her new facility.

    Product / Project Innovation Highlights
    November 2021 Product / Project Innovation Highlights
    Vernacare’s single-use disposal systems incorporate bio-degradable bedpans, bowls and urinals that use touchless disposal technology and create a more hygienic, safe, and efficient solution for infection prevention and reduced staff exposure risks.
    Member Project
    November 2021 Member Project
    A letter from a patient to the CEO of one of New England’s premier hospitals saying how great the care she received was, but the physical environment, especially the art, was a true disservice to the patients. The CEO made it his mission to implement a fully donor funded art program hospital wide to create a calming space. In Great American Art's initial walk-thru, we noted the walls were filled with things that didn't aid in the healing process. Using EBD for art to guide selections, we enhanced the physical environment providing points of connection with meaningful works of art that help all deal with the challenging circumstances they face.
    September 2021 Tool
    This process guide consists of five broad steps to assist healthcare providers and facilities in the development of a functional program that will optimize subsequent planning, design and construction efforts for proposed capital projects.
    September 2021 Podcast
    Phoebe Stein and David Ashen share their origin stories and how their careers have informed their work with the Ageless Living Collaborative.