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Knowledge Repository

Work-Related Asthma and Implications for the General Public

Author(s): Petsonk, E.L.

Do patients and their relatives prefer single cubicles or shared wards?

Author(s): Pease, N.J., Finlay, I.G.

Environmental surveillance of filamentous fungi in three tertiary care hospitals in Greece.

Author(s): Panagopoulou, P., Filioti, J., Petrikkos, G., Giakouppi, P., Anatoliotaki, M., Farmaki, E., Kanta, A., Apostolakou, H., Avlami, A., Samonis, G., Roilides, E.

An open trial of morning light therapy for treatment of antepartum depression

Author(s): Oren, D.A., Wisner, K.L., Spinelli, M., Epperson, N.

Patient and staff satisfaction with the quality of in-patient psychiatric care in a Nigerian general hospital.

Author(s): Olusina, A.K., Ohaeri, J.U., Olatawura, M.O.

Mothers' experience of being separated from their newborns

Author(s): Nystrom, K., Axelsson, K.

Incidence and costs of falls and fall injuries among elderly in institutional care

Author(s): Nurmi, I., Luthje, P.

Noninvasive ventilation in children

Author(s): Norregaard, O.

Basic microbiologic and infection control information to reduce the potential transmission of pathogens to patients via computer hardware

Author(s): Neely, A.N., Sittig, D.F.

Architectural planning of children's hosptial wards from a point of view of play environment as assessed by children

Author(s): Naka, A., Senda, M., Tsuji, Y., Yata, T.